Monday, June 18, 2012


i made some lavender room spray the other weekend after reading the recipe in a book full of tips for people with curly hair (i'm currently trying to embrace my naturally curly locks). this spray can be used to revitalize your hair, but it also works as a refreshing and relaxing room spray.

using bottles supplied by specialty bottle, i made a batch of the spray, poured the contents into a few bottles and designed simple labels. to finish them off, i used my favorite edge punch by martha stewart to create a more decorative label.

here's the fun part! i'm going to be giving away 3 bottles of lavender room spray to my readers! all you have to do is comment on this post telling me which DIY project i've done has been your favorite and why. posting will be open until midnight (EST) on thursday, june 21 and the winners will be announced this friday!

good luck!


  1. Definitely embrace the curly hair! The lavender room spray sounds lovely. =)

    One of my favorite DIY projects has been your polka dot stamp napkins.

  2. First, I'm excited to hear you're embracing the curls! Is it horrible that I still have your Curly Girl book? Returning asap!

    Second, I'd love to win this because I have yet to purchase/make any for myself! :)

    Third, I love all of your projects... but I'll pick the napkin rings.

  3. I'm trying to embrace my curly hair more often too, I may give this lavender business a try!

    My favorite DIY thus far is the beaded necklace, I immediately painted some cube wooden beads that I had at home for my own necklace.

  4. I can't stop coming back to look at the painted wood bead necklace! It's so simple, but it looks so chic in those lovely colors!


  5. I stumbled upon this blog...(I'm not even really sure how!), but I check back several times a week. I really enjoyed the hand-painted wooden bead necklace. I actually made this for myself, and while mine didn't look as great as the one on here, I get a lot of compliments on it when I wear it!

  6. i love the lunch bags.
    and i want some sprrrrraaayyyyy.


  7. So sad I missed the boat on this:( I'm late to everything!

  8. Where do I get labels for my own line, love those ones!! thank you!!