I'm taking a short break from the regularly scheduled DIY posts around here to share with you how much I have enjoyed taking the Alt Summit online classes! I've taken a handful or more since returning home from the annual conference in January and am always left feeling inspired and more knowledgeable than before. These classes are just $15 each, and last about an hour. For a working girl like me, I'm grateful for the evening classes so I can participate!

Just last week I took Melanie's (You Are My Fave) class on how to "Bring Home the Bacon When Your Blog Isn't Huge." Melanie talked about the different ways to bring in some extra cash through blogging and it was so insightful. From selling side bar ads, to guest posting and more, bloggers can find several options to create an income for themselves. And there's more good news! Melanie is teaching the same class again on July 24th, so go sign up now!

A huge thanks to Bing (#thanksBing) for making more classes possible in July. There are two free classes, which I've already signed up for! You can find out more about them right here and to see the full schedule for July, it's right here. If you have any questions about the classes, leave them in the comments and I'd be happy to try to answer them!