Friday, November 30, 2012


Have you all heard of Kollabora? In short it's an online community that brings crafters together to share and inspire one another to make things. From sewing to knitting to jewelry, the project ideas found on Kollabora are endless. The neat thing about this site is that while the it's full of great ideas for projects and tutorials, it's also a marketplace to purchase items to get you on your way to making things! Haven't we all said "I can make that!" a billion times and then never followed through? Well, Kollabora helps us all become do-ers by fostering a real community and inspires their users to to teach and share with one another. As noted on their website they say "We believe that we are what we make, and that people should have a creative alternative to just buying products." That's definitely a statement I can support!

photo used with permission from Kollabora

Aren't those scarves gorgeous? They are easy to make as well if you can you believe it. All it takes is one U sized bamboo crochet hook, about 45 yards of alpaca blend yarn and the basic ability to braid. Kollabora sells a kit ($99) with all of the necessary items to make a scarf so there's no day long search gathering up supplies. You can purchase the kit right here and get started in no time!

photo used with permission from Kollabora

For one lucky reader, the lovely ladies at Kollabora have agreed to give away a kit for the Braided, No Crochet Scarf or the monetary value ($99). If you live in a warm climate and don't need a scarf, not to worry! Kollabora has tons of projects that will fit your needs. To be entered into this drawing all you have to do is visit Kollabora and leave a comment below telling me which project you're most excited about. Be sure to visit all three categories (knitting, jewelry and sewing). Good luck!

Contest ends next Wednesday, December 5th at midnight EST and the winner will be announced soon!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


It's quite the exciting week here on A Girl Who Makes. Today I'm sharing yet another holiday DIY project. Tis the season, right? Victoria of A Subtle Revelry graciously invited me to contribute to her latest magazine and you won't want to miss this. Victoria has worked tirelessly on this issue and I can't wait to share it with you all. It's full of inspiration to make your holidays merry. Check it out here!

For more DIY projects from Victoria and other ideas on celebrating the every day, visit her blog. 

Monday, November 26, 2012


Today marks the day of a magazine launch that I'm really excited about. It's called To and From and I am thrilled to be a part of this exciting endeavor. Katie from Modern Eve and Meg from Meg Biram have put together a magazine that is sure to get you in the holiday spirit. I was lucky enough to meet Katie at Altitude Summit at the start of this year. She's such a sweetheart and has a keen eye for everything fashionable. Meg and I worked together at Hallmark and bonded over dinners with our girlfriends that seemed to last well beyond midnight. Meg is driven, smart and downright hilarious. I could not be more proud of these two ladies. Please go visit To and From and check out their latest project!

In case you're curious as to how I was involved in this magazine, I created a festive DIY that is sure to bring just the right amount of sparkle to your holiday decor. A hint is below, but you'll have to click to the magazine to see the full tutorial.

Friday, November 23, 2012


photo by Eric Linebarger

Kitchens are where people gather and where memories are made. Can you imagine what our countertops might say about the experiences they've shared with us? From preparing delicious meals for our families to holding us up when we groggily shuffle towards the coffee maker each morning. My countertop has seen and heard a lot. That I am sure of.

As I gathered with my in-laws for Thanksgiving yesterday, I was reminded of the love a kitchen can hold. I was also reminded that my father in-law and I share a true love of baking. He made us the most scrumptious cranberry apple pie. It was the perfect amount of tangy mixed with sweetness and I'm hoping it makes an encore appearance for many holidays to come. I wish we could all gather around the leftovers today and share stories for my countertop to document once again.

Here's wishing you a restful and joyful start to the holidays!

This post is my entry into the Alt Summit Blog Contest sponsored by Wilsonart International, Inc.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


hello lovely readers and fellow craft lovers! today i'm over on Ampersand sharing how to make your very own hex and wood bead necklace. this project is so easy you'll be wanting to make several for yourself and perhaps a couple more for friends for the holidays! Head on over to Ampersand for the full tutorial!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I've got a few announcements today along with a DIY project to help get your office a little more organized. If you've been a reader around here for a while you know that I have been a twice monthly contributor on Design for Mankind on a column called MakeKind where I shared several projects. My commitment there has come to an end, which I hope will free up more time to share full projects here. I've been so grateful to Erin for taking a chance on me and allowing me to share my ideas with her audience.

I have some fun projects lined up to share here, but I have also taken on a large volunteer project at my church that is coming up in December. My husband and I are in charge of decorating for an event called Affordable Christmas that allows local (kc) families to purchase brand-new gifts at a reduced cost, empowering those families with the opportunity to provide a fun Christmas for their children in a dignified manner. 2012 marks the third year for this event and I am so excited to see it all come together. If you want to see more about what the event is, here's a link to a video on Vimeo.

And now for what you've probably come to visit for. A DIY project. Is anyone else craving some organization around the house before the holidays really kick in? That's where I'm at these days. Weeks ago this pencil holder on Anthropologie caught my attention and I wondered how I could make one for myself. Days later I found myself staring at the pantry, the stars aligned and I was inspired.

-4 cans of varying sizes
-2 colors of spray paint
-hot glue

Step 1: Paint two cans the same color. To achieve the best results, I advise spraying the cans with 3 even, light coats of paint, allowing the paint to dry between coats.

Step 2: Paint the two remaining cans the other chosen color of spray paint.

Step 3: Line the cans up as you want them, and place a small dot of glue on the top and another on the bottom of the can. Then glue that can to the can next to it and allow them to dry.

Step 4: Continue gluing the cans together until you are finished using all of the cans. Let dry, fill with your office essentials and consider yourself organized!

What would you fill your organizer with? What color would you paint yours? I don't usually choose blue, but these seemed right and I like the subtle contrast between colors.

Monday, November 5, 2012


Today I'm over on Glitter Guide sharing how to make your own embellished table runner, perfect for Thanksgiving. Head on over to see the full instructions and with two weeks left until Thanksgiving week, you have plenty of time to add this festive, hand-made touch to your table setting.