Friday, April 27, 2012


today i have a sneak peak to show you of a bridal shower i hosted a few weeks ago for a dear friend of mine. next week i'll be sharing the entire party, but i couldn't resist a little tease of this decoration i put together to welcome the guests. happy friday!

photo from instragram where my user name is laura_parke if you want to follow my quirky antics. gosh, i love instagram, don't you?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


today i'm over on design for mankind sharing another DIY project for you on MakeKind

Monday, April 16, 2012


i have something really fun to share today! josephine kimberling is one true gem of a person and i'm blessed to call her a great friend. she's an amazing pattern designer and her designs have been used on items like fabrics, rubber stamps, magnets, and much more! we met while working at hallmark and were lucky enough to have desks right next to each other for over a year. we'd get coffee almost daily and became fast friends. josephine is the kindest person you will ever meet and she's insanely talented. she also writes a very fun and inspiring blog.

josephine knew i enjoyed baking and decorating cakes, and i was completely honored that she asked me to collaborate on such a fun project! her pattern designs have been put on some cake sheets, and she asked me to use her designs on some cakes! see more information about the cake designs on her blog.

josephine never shys away from color which i love. her designs are bright, fun and fresh and i just love them!

Friday, April 13, 2012


i'm happy to announce that i am a contributor on middle of the map weddings. written by emily, middle of the map weddings is a blog dedicated to showcasing ideas and vendors for landlocked brides of the midwest! emily is also a talented floral designer and i'm so excited to be sharing my ideas on her blog.

today's idea a very easy hostess gift. not just for weddings, this idea could be used for several occasions. i love giving this gift to people because it's versatile, clever and exceptionally easy to execute!

Materials needed: 
-potting soil
-8” ribbon or yarn
-small pair of scissors
-coffee mug (the one shown is from anthropologie)
-an herb (the one shown is chive)

STEP 1: place about 1" of potting soil into the bottom of your mug.

STEP 2: plant the herb into the mug and fill the remaining space in the mug with potting soil. gently press the soil into the mug to secure the herb. you want the herb to have a snug fit. 

STEP 3: trim the herb plant to your desired length and shape. in this case, the chive was a bit long, which made it bed, so i decided to trim it to about 12" so it would stand up straight. 

STEP 4: using the ribbon, tie a pair of small scissors to the handle of the mug.

there you have it! a planted herb in a mug. these could be given as shown, or loosely tied up in cellophane for easier transport.

i gave these out as hostess gifts to people who threw me bridal showers and i'm thinking they are perfect for friend's birthdays, neighbors or teachers gifts. who doesn't love ready to use herbs?

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


today i'm over on design for mankind showing you how to make your very own milk glass vase!