Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I'm back on week two of TRADE & MADE, a fun project i'm doing with Erin of House of Earnest. See the first post here for a summary of what we are up to. In short, we've sent each other a box full of craft supplies and have challenged each other to come up with a DIY using the supplies found in the box.

I eagerly opened the box from Erin and just about squealed with delight at what was inside!

01. assorted tissue paper
02. silver metallic adhesive paper
03. watercolor paint set
04. assorted wood spools & blocks
05. wood sticks
06. metal numbers
07. 12" square sheet of styrofoam
08. pack of craft paper favor boxes
09. silver sharpie pen
10. red twill tape
11. wood craft finials
12. assorted embroidery thread
13. roll of decorative adhesive paper
14. seed starter pots
15. stack of cupcake baking cups
16. bronze nail heads
17. scrap of burlap
18. white card stock
19. green adhesive-backed paper
20. gold balloons
21. small paper pouches

I've got a few ideas brewing of what I can make and I'm anxious to get started. Be sure to come back next tuesday to see what I have made with these supplies!

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