Thursday, August 1, 2013


As promised yesterday, I'm sharing the second DIY project I came up with using the supplies from the Trade & Made challenge. It's another jewelry organizer, just created in a different way, but wouldn't you know it, it's so similar to what Erin came up with? When she posted her project I laughed to myself because we came up with this whole project together, but never talked about our plans. I guess DIY bloggers sometimes think alike! Read below for the tutorial.

- square wood plaque
- deco art paint in white and green
- two 1" wooden balls
- one wood dowel
- deco art paint brush
- pink embroidery thread
- drill & drill bit (not shown)

Step 1: Paint the wood plaque white. Let dry. 

Step 2: Paint the wood balls greet and let dry. 

Step 3: With a pencil, mark two spots on the wood plaque for where you want your "hooks" to go. I spaced mine evenly apart and used the wooden balls as a guide. You want to be sure the hooks aren't too close together, but still fit well onto the plaque.

Step 4: Using a drill bit the same size as the dowel, drill about 3/8" into the plaque.

Step 5: Cut two pieces of the dowel to 2 1/4". I cut one piece off each end to ensure I had two smooth ends to work with that were shown. I hid the cut sides into the wood plaque.

Step 6: Stick the dowels into the plaque. They should fit snuggly. If they don't, reinforce them with some glue suitable for wood. Next, wrap the dowel with the pink embroidery thread, leaving enough space at the end of the dowels for the ball to fit onto.

Step 7: Add the ball on top and voila! (Also paint the end of the dowels the same color as the balls for a more finished look.)

Hang it on a wall, add your necklaces and admire your simple, yet useful organization system.


  1. Girl, I love that Kelly green! What a cute lil' necklace holder!

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