Sunday, September 16, 2012


photo from alt summit blog

It's no secret that I love Alt Summit and the other outlets Alt Summit is offering like their blog & channel to help like-minded bloggers and social media mavens gain helpful tips on how to grow their readership, create a better designed facebook page, build their photography skills, etc.  I regularly read the Altitude Summit Blog plainly because it's chock full of incredible content. Each post has been helpful to me, a newbie, in this blogging world. THANK YOU ALT SUMMIT! For blogging inspiration and business advice check out the new Alt blog.

My favorite post as of late is 8 Tips for Great Blogging by Ciera. Beyond just sharing bullet pointed tips, she dug deeper into each point and gave valuable and usable advice on how to be a better blogger. For instance, being personal was one of her tips and that's something I struggle with. I love creating content for my readers, but how do I infuse my personality and story behind the blog without it seeming like a stretch? She said to write the way you speak. How simple, yet necessary for me to hear! She gave other great tips like networking on and offline, creating a space worth following and more. 

Check out her post and more on the Altitude Summit Blog and let me know what you learn!

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