Thursday, March 15, 2012


something you might not know about me is that i love the hardware store. the smell of cut lumber and the rows filled with handy items. i just love it. a few weeks ago i went on a regular trip to my local home depot, and i came home with a DIY napkin holder idea. and guess what? it's really inexpensive. i'm talking fifty cents per napkin ring. 

- twine
-metal conduit strap* found in the plumbing section

1.) tie a double knot with the twine and string it through on one side of the metal piece.

2.) string the twine through the other side of the metal piece and tie a double knot again.

3.) pull a napkin through and you're ready to set your table. easy peasy!

*the conduit straps also come in copper and range from about $0.30-$0.45 each


  1. guilty... I LOVE the hardware store. Cute idea too!

  2. I could totally see an easy fancy-ing up DIY with spray paint and a stencil! Maybe easy, cheap, unique placecards? Too bad there isn't an etching cream for metal like there is for glass... Anyway, these are so cute!