Friday, February 3, 2012


here's a little snapshot of the home i share with my husband, eric. i started to collect bundt pans a few years ago and this habit has continued into married life. in fact, we purchased one of these while on our honeymoon in san francisco at a thrift store we happened upon. it seems like a strange collection, but we love them!

i want to know...what do you collect?


  1. That is awesome! I love them....such a unique and pretty collection. Also, how awesome is that couch?! :)

  2. This is seriously awesome! I love it!

  3. This is so cute! I love the shape - it adds a great accent to that wall. Love!

  4. that is an amazing collection and i love how you exhibit them as art! my husband would say i collect thrift store furniture that never get their makeovers but really i love pyrex dishes! they call out to me :)

  5. LOVE this!!! It's so unique and fun! The colors are great. Hmmmm I would LIKE to collect expensive purses ;)

  6. I LOVE that you use bundt pans as wall decoration! How adorable and creative! Impressive you've found so many in such adorable colours

  7. My husband and I collect:
    -white vases (we started collecting them on our honeymoon)
    -anything old with advertising on it, like old rulers from hardware stores, old shot glasses, old bottles, and anything with great graphics!
    -cool old metal office pieces
    -heywood wakefield furniture
    -Fire King restaurant dishware (pre-Martha craze, in green & white)
    -old beakers
    I collect:
    -old sewing notions
    -old linens
    -anything old that's red and I'm drawn to, such as a piece of a huge old woodcut used to make billboard prints (it's approx. 4'x4' and hangs on my kitchen wall)
    We basically like old stuff that's been used and loved!
    Love your bundt pans!

  8. Hey Laura! I found your blog via our class on Thursday. Love this project—such a great idea! And I dig your blog :)

    All the best,

    Kelly @ CRAFTEdesign

  9. What a fantastic idea! I've GOT to blog about it!

  10. LOVE this idea! I think I'll be hunting for bundt pans next time I hit the thrift store! :)

  11. What type of paint did you use to paint the bundt pans?

  12. i didn't paint these. i found each of them like this! but if you wanted, you could probably paint them with any spray paint suitable for metal. hope that helps!